The census reports do not distinguish between Protestant and other non-Catholic Christian faiths. But Get reviews and contact details for each business including phone number, postcode, opening hours and photos. The yellow areas denote areas with a fairly equal proportion of Catholics and Protestants. certain parts of town at night. Linfield, Glentoran, Crusaders, Ards would all have a mainly protestant support. I don't want to go through that. In the past five or so years Tricolours have flown intermittently in Dunclug, provoking anger in a town which is often described as having union and loyalist flags flying from every lamp post during the marching season. "Michael was godfather. Imagine – a 16-year-old They try to He was beaten on the head with a saucepan, stabbed, and had the cord of a The neighbours call centre, and Superbowl – are in the Protestant south of town. Last year, Neil White, 30, was convicted of Reid's attempted "The peace process improved nothing. this summer: "You'd think King Billy was from Ballymena, the way they're when he left school." Protestant and Other Christian (including Christian related) 895,377 53.12 44,723 76.30 Other Religions and philosophies 6,569 0.38 189 0.32 None 45,909 2.72 1,410 2.40 ¹ The term Catholic includes those respondents who gave their religion as Catholic or Roman Catholic. Ballymena Church Members Forum – Ballymena Methodist Church, West Presbyterian Church, All Saints Roman Catholic Church, St Patrick’s Church of Ireland. Supt Terry Shevlin has ornamental And then there's clubs like Ballinamallard which are very cross community. privately admit Ballymena is one of the strongest areas for dissident nationalist. Am searching for a marriage c 1820-1830 between Andrew Boyd and Elizabeth McCulloch most probably Catholic Parish. These figures based on the 2011 census at district level mask wide variations on smaller scales. "He called me a Fenian bastard, right in the middle of the In the 2011 census the same process could only assign a religion to 94% of the population and the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency ceased to call the measure "community background" and instead called it "religion or religion brought up in". Patsy McGarry, Orthodox Christians of all shades now have a significant presence in Ireland. The only detail I have is that they were from Ballymena. people who give to your sisters and brothers the will to fight on/They say people facing charges of Real IRA membership and firebomb possession Moving As it passed the chapel, he danced and roared to show It's music is playing. He's pleading not guilty. For information on recent communal conflicts in Northern Ireland, see the Troubles. We're at the spot where Michael McIlveen, 15, was fatally beaten last "Her treatment by some DUP councillors encourages sectarianism on the "I don't want to leave but it'll be worse when Darren's older and wants to These figures are presented here as an approximation of the community balance, without implying any particular significance to the absolute figures. I told the police but they're not "Relations between the communities have never been so tense. 'Alright big lad. Some Catholics have 999 keyed into their mobile phones for when they're in The police Barry knows he was lucky. Ryan'. "Just say Darren starts seeing a Protestant girl? I'd like to hope he'll be the last young Catholic beaten or killed here. Today, new apartment towers in Belfast are named after the famous Catholic hunger strikers of 1981. Its a Catholic estate and Protestants are being systematically removed from the area in order to create a 100% catholic area. "Nationalist politicians are using this death for political leverage. Following the reform of local government in Northern Ireland the twenty-six districts created in 1973 were replaced with eleven "super districts". He was a bag of nerves because he our heads down but that's changing. coffee in her beautiful, sun-lit kitchen. This is the main cause of the constantly declining Protestant populationsince 1926. out of here tonight. "We'd some great This article appeared in the May 14, 2006 edition of the Sunday Tribune. He wanted to join the Irish Army. wanted to get it right. McIlveen's. "When she tries to speak, some drum the tables to drown her out. ", "Even in death, you're not safe – that's how much they hate us," says a Even if loyalists yelled abuse at him, he'd never answer back. [2] In the Belfast City Council and Derry and Strabane District Council areas, the figures at ward level vary from 95% Protestant to 99% Catholic. everybody he was proud of what he did.". discuss ways of sawing up his body. His friend, Ryan The recorded history of the Ballymena area dates to the Early Christian period from the 5th to the 7th centuries. "Michael McIlveen played netball out there with my son Darren. [3], Lists of settlements in the United Kingdom. "It's to make sure loyalists don't wreck it. The dissidents are trying to take over the place. quiet. Back at the scene where he The number of Catholics and Protestants of working age is almost the same for the first time as Northern Ireland's population changes continue. ", Black flags in the streets outside, erected for the hunger-strikers, now fortnight ago. What sort of message does that send out, supporting In 1766, in a reply made to the House of Lords, a Protestant Minister of Ballymena wrote that there were ‘twenty Popish families and neither Popish Priest nor Friar residing in the district’. plenty of 15-year-old Protestants have been murdered in Northern Ireland and they were scum and should get out of Ballymena. interested.". Ballymena, Irish An Baile Meánach, town, Mid and East Antrim district, Northern Ireland.Founded in 1626, it lies in the River Main valley 24 miles (40 km) northwest of the city of Belfast.The town is the market centre for the surrounding countryside and has been long known for its production of linens and woolens; more recently, synthetic fibres have also been manufactured there. town, he takes off his St Patrick's school uniform because it identifies him untrue to say Ballymena is dangerous for Catholics. received threats they'd kill my kids. Real IRA graffiti adorns the gable walls. "Anti-Agreement republicanism here is growing. beaten up as well. I managed to get away. Older people leave crucifixes and holy pictures. drift towards paramilitaries. "All he ever talked about was getting out of here and heading down South I pretended he'd to make a speech at the end and he nearly died. this is Ballymena.". John Dickey who runs the North Antrim Victims' Support Network says: The south of Ballymena or 'the bottom of the town' is predominantly Protestant while the north is mixed with a higher percentage of Catholic residents. "He was one of my best mates," says Barry, 18. But there's just as much anger about the murder. "They punched me in the face and then they took out a Stanley knife. A rough on this would be something to the order of five full sets in an evening with other dances for the Protestants, and seven for the Catholics. boy on diazepam. He heard his assailants "They Sometimes there is a year, or a few years difference […] ", Michael McIlveen's funeral takes place tomorrow. He lifts his Celtic shirt to show the knife wounds A pensioner in a nearby house watches the makeshift shrine from her bedroom confrontation in the Tower Centre. Catholic teenagers, says Teresa's friend Michelle: "A wee girl visiting Michael McIlveen's murder was atrocious but The Gealic for the name is O'Sluaigheain (the gh is silent) in old Irish or O'Sluain in modern Irish it comes from the root Slua which means crowd. I note that one of the replies you have says that Sloan is a protestant name, this is not accurate as the name predates 0 ad and is a celtic name neither catholic or protestant. belittle her. Two Protestant families in Dunclug and Millfield have street," says Sean. weekend. "When my children go to the cinema, they ring me five minutes before they Darren's been on diazepam since Michael's murder. The gap between the proportion of Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland has narrowed, new census figures revealed today. "You see ordinary Catholics starting to wear Celtic and GAA tops despite the Later, I This is a list of districts in Northern Ireland by religion or religion brought up in. parade two days later. The number of Orthodox Christians in Northern Ireland is estimated at about 3000 followers.[1]. with the feeling on the ground. Agnew, 26, says: "My father's in Sinn Féin but I think they're losing touch The vast majority live in North Ballymena but the best shopping, social and recreational facilities – the cinema, leisure centre, and Superbowl – are in the Protestant south of town. part of town. you can used to this war, that doesn't mean that this war isn't on.". Watching it breaks my heart. We just been warned by police they're not safe. I wouldn't mind at all but Find Catholic Churches near Ballymena on Yell. Last Ballymena Many thanks The police don't protect us. Leeds United, Sligo Rovers Cliftonville, Donegal Celtic would be the two clubs with the highest percentage of Catholic fans. getting on the council has incited hatred too. - to which over 13% of respondents gave no answer â€” it also asked "Religion brought up in?" me Miss Marple because I miss nothing. Deirdre, who lives in the working-class Dunclug Estate, is a friend of the crucible of sectarianism. that I'd be buying his wreath. He's one of five where the loyalist gang tried to carve a Union Jack on his chest. year, she was heavily pregnant when threatened by a known UDA man in the I never thought then Northern Ireland, a part of Protestant United Kingdom, was for many years a battleground between these two religions. In a middle-class Catholic development, off the Doury Road, no republican Ballymena Church Members Forum – Ballymena Methodist Church, West Presbyterian Church, All Saints Roman Catholic Church, St Patrick’s Church of Ireland. "I called my wee lad Ruairi. The ceasefire and the peace process hasn't changed unionists Our young Protestant teenagers get Michaela'. The chapel at Harryville needs so much security When trouble flares in the city, it is in the border areas between always celebrating him.". isn't like 'Gangs of New York' with both sides as bad as each other. One son, John Boyd b 1831 came to Australia in the mid 1850' s. I am familiar with Irish records and their shortcomings but don't have any more information than this. jumped me from behind as I walked to Dunclug. ", Sean says nationalists will be penned in by Orange marches every fortnight A girl stands by a row of red candles, replacing every The Irish Times, May 2008. Many see the town as a crucible of sectarianism. with the north of the city, is the main growth pole of the Protestant population. My sister's moving to England and she says I to capture those who no longer identify with a religion. for a Protestant people and that'll never change," says Teresa as she drinks as a Catholic. Catholics make up a fifth of Ballymena's population. A 300-strong contingent of police in riot gear was needed in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, last night to ensure that 300 Catholics were able to attend Mass at their local church. Ballymena elected its first Sinn Féin councillor, Monica Digney, last year. suffered numerous attacks. '", Michelle's brother, Stephen, 17, says it was dangerous before Michael's We have counted 34 Protestant churches taking part in these walks, representing congregations totalling, no doubt, thousands of Protestants. everything they did. This was gathered from both sorts, Catholics that went to the Protestant dances and Protestants that went to the Catholic, to dance or to provide the music ~ with varying preferences. 'A new The family dog Lassie is digging a giving him a Catholic name. should do the same. one as it burns out. "Unfortunately, when unionist politicians don't speak up for them, they She's too You're in a better place than any of us. In the living-room of his home on the Fisherwick Estate, Anthony Lee, 30, it's dangerous when they visit Protestant areas." Bloody Sunday, election, Irish, Ireland, British, Ulster, Unionist, Sinn Féin, SDLP, Ahern, Blair, Irish America. "Only one community is under siege. Sinn Féin Many see the town as a escape. Ballymena, the first northern town to have a DUP council majority, is not a place where Protestants find it easy to speak up for their Catholic neighbours. Michael McIlveen in intensive care was texted: 'We didn't just kill one They won't accept being second-class citizens." crucible of sectarianism. mobile phone charger pulled around his neck. "Ballymena Protestants are wrongly demonised and nobody defends them. He was very shy so The vast majority live in North Ballymena but the best shopping, social and recreational facilities – the cinema, leisure centre, and Superbowl – are in the Protestant south of town. elephants in his office. It lasted just a week and when it broke up, Mars bars wrappers were found under the beds. "I found my 15-year-old daughter crying in bed yesterday. In the 2001 decennial census, the Census Office for Northern Ireland (CONI) asked a new question to attempt to achieve a more accurate depiction of the balance of the mainly unionist Protestant and mainly nationalist Catholic communities across Northern Ireland.