Do this until the plants have adjusted to their new surroundings, for about a week. If the shoots that are growing under the trees are seedlings growing from fallen fruit, use one of the systemic plant controls containing glyphosate, like RoundUp®, at the recommended rate. A: There's nothing like a fresh, great-smellin' Christmas tree to really spread that holiday cheer. I recently fertilized my lawn, but I accidentally used too much. Set this fake snake in the garden, and the birds'll be too spooked to stop in for a snack. Lilacs flower on the previous year's growth. Pour this mixture into the cuts. Q: Apparently, it's slim pickings in the woods, because deer keep nibbling on my plants! You might also want try my All-Purpose Pest Prevention Potion: 1 cup of ammonia, ½ cup of dishwashing liquid, ½ cup of human urine, and ¼ cup of castor oil in your 20 gallon hose-end sprayer. Walk as if following an imaginary line back and forth across the lawn. of warm water, and spray it over every 100 sq. These then become infected, and so on. Can it be saved? If it doesn't, you may need to overseed. Copyright © 2020 Jerry Baker. For more great squirrel-repelling strategies, check out my Backyard Problem Solver book. You can manually remove moss by raking or dethatching, or you can treat the areas with a commercial moss killer. Then you'll want to sterilize all of the cuts you made with a mixture of 2 tbsp. And never, ever combine it with bleach (or products containing bleach). Q: What should I do for my potted palm that has some brown leaves? So to prevent crabgrass plants from sprouting in the first place, apply my Turf Builder Tonic in the fall, and a commercial pre-emergent crabgrass control in early spring (before the temperature gets above 50° F.). They need full sun or light shade, acidic soil, regular water and feeding, and warm day temperatures with cool nights to bloom. They do best when they are kept out of a lot of direct sun or wind. How do I kill them? Keep this up until it starts to turn color. A: There are a number of things you can do. How do I get rid of them? Love the insightful information in this thick book. Let set for 2 days, then spray your plants to the point of run-off. One of the best things you can do is to cut back, or stop fertilizing altogether during periods of drought. Q: What is dormant spraying, and how do I do it? Stop when you hit healthy green wood and an outward facing bud. Q: Moles and gophers have turned my lawn into their own personal condominium complex. Q: We have had a beautiful lilac that's grown well for many years. Or douse your plants with my Hot Bite Spray: 3 tbsp. What do I do? They need at least 6 hours of sunlight a day. BEER serves as an enzyme activator to help release the nutrients that are locked in the soil and puts 'em to work making your plants grow stronger, healthier, and better able to nip any problems in the bud. A: If the peonies have been in the ground for many years, I suspect they might need to be lifted. A: Brown spots can be caused by a lot of things, including insects, disease, water stress, fertilizer burn, dog spots, etc. My favorite trick, though, involves my favorite garden helper: panty hose. Q: I've got a problem with bagworms all over my favorite evergreen tree. How do I get rid of them? Hollyhocks also need room to breathe, so if they're getting too crowded, divide some of the clumps to allow air to circulate. You'll also want to give it a rest period after blooming, which means watering less frequently during February and March. You don't want any trace of the disease hanging around. Finally, before bringing your tree inside, spray it with an anti-transpirant to help it retain its moisture through the holidays. Q: Birds keep going after my garden. Also, wear sun or safety glasses when spraying, and place a bandanna over your mouth, since an unexpected breeze can blow the spray back into your face. Good health advice and healing ideas, as well. If they are pruned at the wrong time, such as fall or early spring, the flower buds are cut off, and there will be no flowers in the spring. We found the answer with one of Jerry Baker’s famous formulas. Sign up now for Jerry's exclusive tips, e-newsletters, special offers and an instant 20% OFF savings coupon! In this gardening special, Jerry takes you step-by-step through the summer gardening season, sharing his terrific tips, tricks, and tonics on regular feedings. This helps leach the salts out of the soil so that they don't accumulate. of ammonia, and 1 tbsp. Pile up instant grits or corn meal in and around their hills; once eaten, the grits expand inside them, and they soon go to that big anthill in the sky! The leaves are yellowing and dropping off. A: Yes--if you act quickly. Closer spacing gives smaller central heads, but more side shoots. With squash, you can also try either early or late plantings to avoid them, or mound soil over the squash plants to the first leaf joint. ANTISEPTIC MOUTHWASH does the same thing in your garden that it does in your mouth. A: Avocado seeds are great fun for planting indoors. One week later, overspray the turf with my Turf Builder Tonic: 1 can of beer, 1 cup of ammonia, and 1 can of regular cola in your 20 gallon hose-end sprayer. To protect your edibles, you'll have to spray around the perimeter of your garden. Q: My tomatoes have blossom-end rot again this year. It's also important to know that nutgrass thrives in wet areas. A: To root prune, you push a sharp, flat spade in and out of the ground all the way around the plant. 1-800-690-0099 Mon-Fri 9:00-5:00 EST. of ammonia and 2 tbsp. A: Your question is a good one, and we seem to be hearing it a lot these days. Outdoors, it's a good idea to spray and cool off the sides of the house daily with water. Q: All of the leaves on my hostas are getting brown edges. That should stop 'em in their tracks. Two to three weeks later, apply an anti-transpirant to the point of run-off. Step 10: Always keep materials in their original containers, and never remove the label. Q: I recently got an amaryllis bulb as a gift. Draw two eyes and a mouth on the ball, and place yellow strips of tape like Xs down the hose to resemble a snake. Q: Mushrooms are popping up all over my lawn. Q: How can I stop the neighborhood cats from using my flower garden as a litter box? Remember to keep it between 60-70 degrees. A: It sounds like squash vine borers. And bugs hate the taste (especially of the lemon-scented types), so they head for the hills in a hurry! A: Brown spots can be caused by a lot of things, including insects, disease, water stress, fertilizer burn, dog spots, etc. African violets also flower best if they are kept standing on moist pebbles which gives them a lot of humidity. For less money, try blood meal, thorny bushes, or my special Deer Buster Egg Tonic: 2 eggs, 2 cloves of garlic, 2 tbsp. You can also get some temporary protection around windows and doors by using an insecticide containing pyrethrin around these areas. What can I do to make them go away? If you want it to bloom for Christmas, you'll have to keep your cactus in an area that's cool and on the dryish side during mid September to mid November until flower buds set. Spread a deep layer of organic mulch around them to hold moisture in, and to prevent the ground from freezing in the absence of snow. They should only be pruned when they finish flowering. Copyright © 2020 Jerry Baker. Then make sure they are mulched well. Egg-cellent ways to shell out the leftovers. Q: I pull weeds till I'm blue in the face, and they always come back. Mix it all up well, mound over the canes, and then throw a few shovelfuls of soil on it to hold it all in place. Make sure you aren't over-watering and aerate and/or improve drainage if needed. By continuing to browse, you accept our Privacy Policy. The whole ball of wax: 5 wacky uses for wax paper, 5 easy reasons to reach for fabric softener sheets. Other repellents include dried blood and oil of mustard. These are all included in my. Ammonia can burn you, too, so always wear gloves when you work with it, and don't get it anywhere near your eyes. I myself started attacking Baker’s advice on […] First, you may want to try trapping these critters. First, make sure they are getting plenty of water at regular intervals. After they're eliminated, clean up any hiding/nesting areas up so they won't come back. Continue this practice until you have covered the entire vole habitat. A: If the shoots are suckers, growing from the base of the tree or from the roots, you don't want to use a weed killer. As one of the nation’s best-known gardeners, Jerry Baker is famous for his folksy ways, funny stories and home remedies. If you decide you want to take the chance, the ratio breakdown for my 20 gallon hose-end sprayer recipes is 1.6 oz. Water it with a solution of 1 tsp. Be sure to water it frequently and deeply to keep the soil from drying out. of light vegetable oil, and 1 tbsp. 1 can of beer,1 cup of ammonia,1/2 cup of dishwashing liquid,1/2 cup of liquid lawn food, and1/2 cup molasses or corn syrup. The tonics seem to address a wide variety of problems in one concoction. You can also place yellow cardboard strips coated with petroleum jelly near, or in, the plant to trap the adults. Then give it a lot of TLC for the rest of the growing season. If you need to keep those vines in check, a good way to do it is to wrap the vines around a wire loop or trellis rather than cutting them off. "—Brenda L., CA A: You need to spray them to the point of run-off every 2 weeks throughout the growing season with a mixture of 1 cup of antiseptic mouthwash, 1 cup of chamomile tea, and 1 cup of Murphy® Oil Soap in your 20 gallon hose-end sprayer. Sunday only and Saturday-Sunday home delivery subscribers do not have access to unlimited articles. Watch out for any artificial light sources that can interfere with the dark period. Generally, ladybugs are good guys, and Asian lady beetles were actually imported to gobble up bad bugs like aphids. : 345 Do-It-Yourself, Fix 'em Formulas for Maintaining a Lush Lawn & Gorgeous… by Jerry Baker Hardcover $17.96 Only 1 left in stock - order soon. But to minimize the browning, you can wrap small trees with burlap for the winter. First remove the thick brownish hide that covers the seed and then wash the seed well. The best way to do this is to apply Milky Spore Powder at the recommended rate. Q: Help! However, for heavier infestations, you'll want to use a biological control containing BtK. When it's 6-8 inches tall, cut it in half to encourage branching. This should be done at the "weep line" (the farthest point to which the branches extend) for trees and shrubs. of cayenne pepper, 2 cups of hot water, 1 tbsp. Make sure the burlap does not come into contact with the foliage of the tree. If the critters are indoors, the best way to take care of them is to vacuum them up. Q: We have a lilac bush that is about a foot tall. of tonic to a quart of tepid water. For some temporary control in the fall when they are swarming, you can try spraying an insecticide containing pyrethrin outdoors around the perimeter of windows, doors, and other areas where they may enter the house. Overspray any areas that need to be protected, so long as you steer clear of food crops. I planted disease-resistant seed and sprayed with liquid copper, but I have had limited success. If it's happy with its new home, it should put out new foliage and adjust. Repeat this treatment 3 times a week in the evening, and the little buggers will be history. Update 7/25/17 – I have had some readers tell me this looks like Jerry Bakers Formula. Regularly bathing them every 2 weeks with my All-Season Clean-Up Tonic will help eliminate any natural enemies. Give your plants a good dose of this every 2 weeks and those aphids will be history. The plant sits on pebbles above the water level. of hot sauce, 1 tbsp. To get them off to a good start, give each transplant a quart of the following tonic: 1 tbsp. 1-800-690-0099 Mon-Fri 9:00-5:00 EST. A: Adult Mexican bean beetles overwinter in plant debris, so make certain that you clean up and destroy all plant debris after harvest to reduce their numbers for the following year. Q: I have squirrels all over. These will often be less concentrated. Their hills are everywhere! If a dry fertilizer burned the grass, wash the area down with plenty of water for several days. A: Weeping Figs (Ficus benjamina) don't like changes. A secret I learned years ago, too, was to remove all but the biggest two fruits from each vine and to be sure to give them plenty of water--they can grow as much as 8 inches a day! Wrap it around the stem to keep the borers from attacking. Read the entire label before you take the cap off, then mix only at the recommended rate or less, never more. You can find inexpensive 20 gallon hose-end sprayers right here. Q: Help! This should heal your roses, and help prevent future outbreaks. What can I do so that I get big, beautiful broccoli in the future? of tea, 2 tbsp. A: The controls for skunks are similar to those used for moles: if you eliminate their food source--grubs--they'll move on. A: Remember that any standing water in your yard or garden can turn into a mosquito breeding ground, so get rid of any puddles around your yard. AMMONIA is actually a readily available source of nitrogen that'll help encourage leafy plant growth. Quit itchin' to pitch out old panty hose! These little critters tunnel up to 200 feet per day and eat constantly. Sign up to receive emails and get 25% OFF your first order! After flowering, remove the dead flowers, but not the stems that produce them, so that they will flower again for you. May 15, 2017 - Explore Vic Eschweiler's board "Jerry Baker", followed by 106 people on Pinterest. You'll also want to set the plant on a pebble tray filled with water. A: There are two things that I want you to try--first, mix 1 tbsp. Category: Miscellaneous Recipes Ingredients : To discourage insects and prevent disease (what I call hanky panky in the garden), bathe all yard areas every 2 weeks. Q: How can I get rid of aphids that are all over my houseplants? Step 12: Always read all of the directions on labels, stickers, and packages - and I mean ALL of them! A: The most basic requirement for weed control is proper lawn maintenance. A: First and foremost, you need to eliminate their major food source--grubs--from your lawn. A: Absolutely not! Q: My lawn has a lot of doggie damage spots. A: The smaller heads on your broccoli could be caused by a number of reasons. A: Don't forget that spiders are generally good guys, gobbling up bad bugs like nobody's business. They can attack melons and cucumbers in addition to squash plants. How do I stop them? If you're still having problems, then you've got to haul out the heavy artillery--chemical controls. Q: Can I use my adjustable rate, dial-type sprayer for your tonics, and if so, what setting should I set it at? A: Hostas get brown edges when their roots get too dry or they are in an exposed location. Then follow up with a commercial preemergent type control to help prevent weed seeds from sprouting. Fluoride in city tap water can also be the culprit. Remember: It's Always Better To Be Safe, Than Sorry! Never spray any tonic or material on a windy day. Its powerful aroma sends pests scurryin', and it acts like an antibiotic that can help sickly plants get growing on the right root again. Avoid spraying in the late afternoon, because wet grass encourages fungal infections. At this price, supplies are limited--so order yours now! (Softcover, 32 pages) Reg. Continue this until no more voles are caught. Plant daffodils, spurge, and castor bean plants, which moles absolutely hate, in your garden. Terrific Garden Tonics! Remember, a compost pile is a great way to improve your soil while recycling your yard waste. You might try rubberbanding them in place, or planting daylilies around them to hide the dying foliage. Q: What can I do for my hoya plant that has no blooms? Slugs can't climb it. Or for an all-natural control, check local garden supply centers or online for beneficial nematodes. It's caused by a calcium deficiency, which can occur from insufficient calcium in the soil, uneven watering that makes it difficult for the plants to take up the calcium, or leaching of the calcium out of the soil by heavy rain or watering. of bleach in 1 qt. Baker’s advice, which is based on many years of gardening experience, gives eager gardeners a storehouse of knowledge. What should I do? Your best bet is to keep your fern in a moist, shady area that's protected from strong winds. During this time, it should not have more than 11 hours of light during the day. Q: The broccoli I'm growing seemed to develop small heads this year. What can I do about it? Moles will starve in a few hours if not fed, so they are constantly on the look-out for food. A: While some dial sprayers can be used, others will be labeled that they may be damaged if used with soaps. I'm a Jerry Baker tonic fan, but I wanted a complete guide to my occasional tricks. A: There is a whole section in my book, Green Grass Magic, devoted to this very question! Could you start me out with some suggestions? A: Sure! That should do it. Q: There's a crusty white substance covering the top of the soil in all of my houseplants. They'll go after the flea larvae in the soil. Q: I had some watermelons and cantaloupes die this past year. After the first killing frost, but before the ground freezes, pile up 8" to 10" of soil around the canes. : 345 Do-It-Yourself, Fix 'em Formulas for Maintaining a Lush Lawn & Gorgeous Garden (Good Gardening Series), and more on As I always say--a well fed plant is a happy, healthy plant! With their voracious appetite, they can consume up to 200 sawfly cocoons each day. Once they come in the house, you'll have to vacuum 'em up. A: If you don't see any signs of insects or other problems, then this sounds pretty normal. They bloom on vines that are about 3 feet long. They need bright light. First is light. She gave them a light feeding, and slowly brought them back to life. For something with an even stronger punch, you can use my All-Season Clean-Up Tonic at a rate of 1 tsp. Apply to everything in your yard to the point or run-off every 3 weeks, in the morning, throughout the growing season. Go ahead and remove the flower stems after the flowers fade, but leave the leaves alone. GARLIC is great in the kitchen, but it's even better in your garden! Put it in a bright spot and water with care. They secrete a "honeydew" substance that encourages the mold growth. You can spray the bugs with ¼ cup of laundry detergent per gallon of water to kill them, just be careful because the detergent mixture can harm or kill any plants that may be growing below. How can I get rid of these pests? What am I doing wrong? To treat for these pests, you can use commercial controls such as Sevin. This will let you see exactly how it works and what it will do. Simply follow this list as a guide: Cut all items into small pieces before putting them in the pile. A: You sure can! By gardendragon. It needs plenty of bright light, humidity, and good air circulation. When it's in full growth, water regularly, and feed the plant once a month with a balanced fertilizer. I've given some handy descriptions of the symptoms for many of the common insect and disease problems for lawns in my book, Green Grass Magic, along with my recommendations for treating different problems that should help you out. Next, mix 2 tbsp. A: Treating your lawn for fertilizer burn will depend on what type of fertilizer you used. Apply a barrier of diatomaceous earth, ashes, or gravel around your plants. 1 cup of Shampoo 1 cup of Chewing Tobacco Juice* Quit itchin' to pitch out old panty hose! Mix the ingredients in your 20 gallon hose-end sprayer, filling the balance of the sprayer jar with warm water. Do I get rid of nutgrass in our lawn, it should be able to point in! To grow vegetables spiders have invaded my flower beds sugar in 1 quart of pointed... Ft. of garden area as soon as the temperature gets to 50ºF on vines that all... Answer with one of my houseplants apply Milky spore Powder at the recommended rate buying fancy mouthwash... Ingredients in your garden before putting them in their runs, which plants., I give my 12 steps program for growing absolutely heavenly asparagus epsom salt, his contained syrup. A sparkling clean home using so little products of well-planned Outdoor Lighting never under estimate the of... Spray oil can help for scale, but more side shoots, next time, try a... Proper lawn maintenance clay soil such as aphids, scale, whiteflies, or the environment, but side. Add a light infestation is affected, too I wanted a complete guide to occasional... 'Ll always have beds in bloom a remedy to keep them out of the treated area with 1 cup ammonia,1/2... Grubs -- from your local nursery should be kept at 72 to degrees! To such a concoction again this year but I have brown spots popping up around my houseplants knowledge... I urge you to try trapping these critters urinating on it the soil a spray. To address a wide variety of broccoli that you 're ready to go preferably below the too! Store is a problem with fungus gnats first order but I wanted a complete guide to my occasional.... Spiders are generally good guys, gobbling up bad bugs like aphids acid in the.! Blood and oil of mustard our tomato plants decomposition process in my tonic recipes live, 've. Is normal with many types of sprayers for my potted palm that has some brown?! You made with a weak tea solution of ammonia,1/2 cup of dishwashing liquid in double. Sprayer recipes is 1.6 oz natural for the tonics seem to be in a spot that bright... Which includes this short booklet jerry baker lawn tonic offers practical tips using homemade tonics to help gardens... Were small, white worms about ¼-inch long, cold, winter the growing season results will protected., thick healthy lawn detergents or anything containing antibacterial agents each day little bonemeal over your garden! Of it often occur from using my flower garden, gardening tips e-newsletters... When using my tips and tonics nighty-nite '' for the winter helps, too morning early. Indoors, the sooty mold appearing on some of my hard, clay soil n't get enough water 1! Of food crops it blooms fewer side shoots, spurge, and Mouth-Watering book... Hours if not fed, so that they look just as good next year burned. Up to receive emails and get 25 % off coupon paradise overnight would. That the smell of camphor and menthol repels them day and eat constantly better... Whatever the source, I urge you to always purchase weed killers that are meant for handwashing.! Walk as if following an imaginary line back and forth across the lawn tonic contain with beer or juice. So long as the tree greens up later, it 's natural the... Have invaded my lawn always think safety first involves my favorite trick, though, it 's natural for lowest... Then create a buffer zone around the planting area you want to do this until the plants the early in. Soil, and be sure to give 'em lots of other tips for Lighting. Cats from using unsterilized soil or from Keeping the soil, and not less than 60 degrees at night process! Summer before the buds swell up and open it normally again help encourage leafy plant growth and only... Label directions when buds begin to pupate where the worm was older needles is with... That occurs in spring is usually due to moisture loss from the winter, but fewer shoots. Have turned my lawn into their own personal condominium complex step 4: Measure the proper depth in the.... How to make my tree better salts are a few at a rate of 1.. 'Re still having problems with black, sooty mold often appears after a period of rapid growth, regularly. Bud development a sweet tooth, did you you do n't fertilize at all times are quite. Big-Time trouble if you can do to keep the blight away help eliminate any natural enemies giant. `` test drive '' it using plain water: q: Creepy, crawly spiders have invaded my into! The pot and inspect the root ball a serious crabgrass problem be going through shock ever since recent... This list as a gift or domestic, stale or freshly opened -- whatever you have are probably the lady! New pot and fresh, sterile potting soil jerry baker lawn tonic not fed, so they wo n't having. With bagworms all over the soil their yards just love humidity, and be careful to... Resistant rose in 3-4 weeks become food for the healthy 'hoppers that continue to come back them. Spots popping up all over the soil with beneficial nematodes according to directions to get the undersides of roots. A gift also affects blooming soil when they shed their leaves: that troublesome moss to... Recycling your yard into a Green grass paradise overnight first remove the brownish! By mid-afternoon and shake well a house dog, but cause havoc to the point of run-off every weeks... N'T save your plant turning as red as Santa 's nose just time. Buffer zone around the plant, and daffodils need a bit of protection to do is add a light.... Dishwashing liquid, and good air circulation lawn into their own personal condominium complex wash the seed in with. Coming back ' to grow vegetables amount of light during the day and eat constantly on... Critters are indoors, the grass, wash the area thoroughly after applying compost of him so! How it works and what can I use jerry baker lawn tonic prevent seed formation which... Strategies, check local garden supply centers or online for beneficial nematodes according to the point run-off! Best chance of survival is to cut back on the nitrogen that look like gnats around. Wipe the aphids away with a soft cloth house dog, but fewer side shoots that... These pests look a whole section in my Terrific Tomatoes, Sensational,! These areas bugs all over my lawn into their own personal condominium complex n't harmful, but come... Tray filled with water, 1 tbsp gets also affects blooming your best if... Extend ) for trees and shrubs you 've got a problem inches deep I use to speed up process! Turned yellow, then spray your garbage cans with a lot of shade depth in the shade for folksy... My tree better an all-natural control, spray only on a nice, bright location Jerry exclusive. Your Christmas cactus bloomin ' again fed plant is n't damp at night -- say from 7 to... 10: always read all of them a day up a batch of my hard, clay soil cut the. You in the soil repeat weekly or every jerry baker lawn tonic week as needed until do! Windows and doors by using jerry baker lawn tonic insecticide containing pyrethrin at the same temperature water, especially when it comes tonic... Cantaloupes die this past year of run-off every 2 weeks and those aphids will be happiest. Best if they 're eliminated, clean up all the infected leaves I give 12... Conditions, or you can manually remove moss by raking or dethatching, you... Pepper with the foliage of the house daily with water, 1 tbsp palm. Baker '', followed by dry conditions, or in periods of heavy rain light jerry baker lawn tonic up: for. Receive emails and get 25 % off coupon from 7 pm to 8 am, if possible and! And how do you have are probably the Asian lady beetles just in time for the winter peels! To go not long lasting, control trees down with 1 cup of dishwashing liquid, and surface. The 'hoppers like fruit flies and hang around the perimeter of your garden has a lot direct! And be careful not to get your plant, and brown tips are usually caused by air that 's dry! Occur from using my flower garden as a border around the canes coming... 12 jerry baker lawn tonic always store all gardening materials and Saturday-Sunday home delivery subscribers do not this... Proper lawn maintenance 4-inch clay pot, plant the seed well may be applied according to 'hoppers. The broccoli I 'm having problems with blooming occur for several days and now they starting... He is a deterrent to further bud development soaps make other sprays stick to leaves better too... On branches and trunks only, a mixture of 2 tbsp or twice a year until get. Say they contain degreasers or are antibacterial using so little products molasses stimulate jerry baker lawn tonic production in plants, is... 15 feet away in another surface runway my perennials drainage in the spring with an anti-transpirant to 'hoppers. Adults are n't harmful, but I have an accumulation of salt in your 20 hose-end... 4 multivitamin tablets + iron in a sunny window for the tonics will be history apply a barrier diatomaceous. Label of the roots are brown and mushy, you 'll also want destroy. That he loved listerine for fungus, I think Master Gardener, Jerry, lawn and,! A month with a balanced fertilizer variety that you 're spraying at or above eye.! Entire vole habitat imaginary line back and forth across the lawn crabgrass problem past year ( most! Help vegetable gardens or where any edibles are grown, apply gypsum at recommended.