This unsightly look was replaced with an extra layer of glass (hence double glass) that vents air to keep the outside glass layer from getting hot. Choose a gas fireplace or gas fireplace insert to create an inviting atmosphere in your indoor or outdoor space without the hassle of wood. An idle fireplace in the master bedroom or any other bedroom for that matter adds a lot of charm and you can do pretty much any design that you want in the living or dining room. Contemporary Fireplaces The Fireplace Superstore collection of contemporary fireplaces has been designed for home owners with real inspirations with both modern … This fireplace not only provides warmth. If you want to make a statement, the concrete fireplace is an excellent option. In this picture, the unique-shaped fireplace is surrounded by simple book shelves and plain colors. Plus, there’s battery-assisted ignition which makes it super simple to start. After that, continue reading to find out more about the other 8 amazing products that round out our list. The use of an open 360-degree fireplace adds to the sense of comfort and infuses this grand space with a natural warmth. The Contemporary Fireplace The contemporary fireplace models offer a wide-angle view of the unique and dramatic flame and are perfect for contemporary homes and open concept living spaces. Whether you live in an urban area where space is limited or you prefer décor that is sleekly styled with clean lines, a modern gas fireplace is the perfect option. This problem is usually caused by a faulty thermocouple. This free standing gas fireplace is a modern element that provides warmth indoors. Ventless ethanol fireplaces that require no installation are your go-to style, and they are usually very budget-friendly. If you install this ravishing fireplace in the living room you can feel fancy without spending too much money, and something like this will instantly boost the value of your home. A long and rectangular fireplace is a trending design for gas fireplaces because they are easy to add and can be nearly any shape and size. The rustic fireplace adds a touch of contrast and a sense of warmth inviting one to curl up and watch a winter snowfall. Modern fireplaces come in a variety of shapes and sizes that allow for novel creativity. Who says that your fireplace must be predictable? We are your source for modern linear gas fireplace, modern freestanding gas fireplace, and other modern gas fireplace options. Price match guarantee + FREE shipping on eligible orders. We aren’t too sure how practical kitchen fireplaces are, but they have certainly climbed in popularity over the past few years. See more ideas about fireplace, modern fireplace, gas fireplace. This inset electric fireplace features realistic looking logs. To briefly summarize, an indoor gas fireplace works much like a gas oven; in this case the burner is usually hidden by faux logs that in … It’s just like sitting around a your living room. Why do we say that? Like any wood burning stove, you add your own wood and the classic look is usually black steel. Striking 3 sided design with seamless top to bottom glass. Unlimited Options . This vent-free gas fireplace is clean burning and let’s all the heat stay right in your room. Stone on top of stone...on top of more stone! Modern, sleek, and nearly hidden, linear fireplaces are all the rage and gaining more popularity as people opt for more modern and minimalist interior designs. As featured in. Contemporary Gas Fireplaces. How about up to 1250 square feet. There's a certain comfort that comes from a fireplace, and if you have to sit on brick or stone to do it, it's not comfortable. Create the inviting and homelike atmosphere in your living zone with this free standing ventless gas fireplace. That way it doesn’t look out of place, as if it is meant to go there. Making an inset fireplace a focal point in your living room gives your guests eyes a place to land while improving the sense of warmth. It’ll give you a general idea of what’s available. Produced from waxed raw steel, this asymmetrical stove offers an engaging element to any room while radiating warmth deep into the surrounding space. You can enhance the look of the fireplace even more by throwing in natural hues to decorate the surroundings. Plus, there’s an oxygen sensor that will shut off the pilot if the oxygen level is unsafe. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work. The texture of the taupe stone used in this gorgeous fireplace has a ripple effect. Affordable luxury -- enjoy the look of a custom designed mantel without designer prices. If you are ready to give your living room a touch of modernity, this wall fireplace is just what you need. No longer confined to indoor spaces for months at a time, this novel use of a traditional heating element expands both your space and your ability to remain grounded in nature year-round. SÓLAS fireplaces provide amazing radiant heat using the combination of reflective glass media and porcelain … You can provide similar outcomes with simple modern design elements in your own home. So many fireplaces are wall fireplaces, but how uncomfortable are the hearths next to them. Like our luxury and contemporary gas fires, our modern gas fires are easy to … Everyone wants their room to be a retreat from the world- it is actually one of the most commonly renovated rooms in a house. The elemental warmth of this indoor/outdoor fireplace brings the heat of the hearth into the expansive outdoor living space providing the homeowner freedom to move about and include often unused space in livable square footage on a day to day basis. Gas fireplaces retain all the ambience of our more primitive ancestors, while providing all the modern convenience of, well, a modern appliance. European Home offers a complete line of contemporary indoor and outdoor gas and wood fireplaces. Traditional fireplaces offer one sided view.. An open fireplace offers beauty and ambiance from all angles. Even though a space is modern does not mean that it cannot feel warm, inviting and comfortable to spend time in, it just needs the right touches—such as a … Throw out the coffee table and opt for a fireplace in the middle of your living room! Horizon® HZ40E Gas Fireplace The HZ40E is a dramatic contemporary fireplace that includes today’s sleek, wide contemporary fireplace styling in any medium size living space. Tight quarters? This sleek look looks great against neutral wall colors and minimalist decor. To maximize your space even more, consider a storage place below the fireplace for wood. Let’s face it- no matter where you live, a fireplace completes any home and can even be the cozy main attraction or accent to an area. Technically, one BTU is how long it takes to heat up 1 pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. Modern custom fireplaces for homes and businesses.Flare Fireplaces offers 85 different models of linear fireplaces. An open fireplace is one of the hottest fireplace solutions. Choose from traditional gas stoves designed to closely resemble classic wood stoves, contemporary gas stoves suitable to any home, or a modern gas stove for a clean european inspired interior. The circular design elements and soft textures of the furniture provides added softness and brings this massive room into line with the need for human comfort. It runs off of ethanol and the 43-inch version can heat a room up to 850 square feet. The multiple sources of ambient light add to the overall sense of space providing an engaging sense of minimalist elegance and free flowing energy. Made with ❤ in California and Massachusetts‍Copyright © 2019 West Winds LLC. Imagine the warmth that will radiate into this space from the clever positioning of this modern fireplace design. View Details Starting at $4,158* Vent-free: Most of these are vent-free so, unlike a traditional wood burning fireplace, you don’t need to worry about a chimney or anything. It’s designed to be installed in-wall, so you can get a really sleek look without taking up space in the room. Textured steel offers rustic contrasts to the simple modern elegance of the surrounding space. White on white, black on black, or multiple shades of yellow; however you decide to create your monochrome fireplace it’s sure to look very chic and trendy. If you are looking to make a huge impact with your living space, look no further than this extended ribbon fireplace set in a wall of rugged stone. More Info. It is a very modern and minimalist design that smokes out of the roof but you can get it in electric as well. The novelty of the floating fireplace and the symmetrical architectural element of the far wall infuses the simple flowing space with a bohemian spark and offers a powerful conversation piece. This type of fireplace does a lot of talking on its own- it’s very sleek and simple. More importantly, gas fires are simple and clean. The vertical fire offers an active focal point softening the clean minimalist lines of the space and adding warmth to what might otherwise appear a cold space. The mini-fireplace is practical, cute, and adds ambiance to any space. Sep 21, 2019 - Explore Rona Crist's board "Contemporary gas fireplace", followed by 248 people on Pinterest. To make it look more customized, you can even add a mantle! ← Previous Post The clean, bold lines coupled with large, unobstructed viewing area add an impressive impact to any room. If you are remodeling your house and do not know what you will do about your old and crumbled fireplace, you might want to consider using stucco to transform it into something even more attractive. The use of glass and wood combines to bring the outdoors into this minimalist living space imbuing it with a sense of space and freedom unique in a living room of this size. Gas Fireplaces can have the look and feel of a real wood fire without any of the work or mess. Floating Fireplace In The White Company founder Chrissie Rucker's poolside oasis, a floating center fireplace is the perfect place to huddle around, with a cement design … You can either recess it into a wall or hang it just as you would a flat screen television. The complementary textured elements of plaster, concrete, metal, and tile unite in graceful elegance and offer the onlooker a sense of serenity in this beautiful fireplace. Keep reading to discover the top 50 trending fireplace styles and how to incorporate them into your humble abode. Most people only use a metal time, but if you go heavy on the metal you will easily set your living room apart from all the others. And get this: there are multi-colored LED lights under the floor surface for a festive touch any time of year. Its durable and sealed construction is resistant to wear and very safe in use. Our chimney sweep is certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. One of the most incredible features of elevated fireplaces is that they take up no space, are virtually maintenance free, and extremely customizable. Candles add a certain romantic allure to a room, and fireplaces that are decorated with exotic or vintage candles can look more incredible than any other fireplace. If you are more into lustrous designs, heavy-metal will definitely be your go-to look. As far as contemporary fireplaces are concerned, elevated gas fireplaces are at the top of the list for new and innovated designs. All trademarks, copyrights, and other rights are the property of their respective owners. The fireplace addition in bathrooms are trending and make taking a bath much more relaxing and scenic. Are Ethanol Fireplaces Safe For Small Homes. You can choose from a linear burner that gives the appearance of a wide flame or rectangular viewing area with a more modern look. With updated gas … Adding an architectural element to your modern fireplace infuses your whole room with energy. The large portrait or linear gas fireplaces exude elegance and beauty and make every home … Looking for an alternate way to get an easy to use fireplace in your home? What exactly do we mean by that? As we moved toward use of historically industrial spaces as living space in the modern era, we began to understand the need to decorate large spaces through strategic use of furniture, architectural elements, and decorative elements to add human scale to grand spaces. Exclusive importer of Modern European products. This modern gas fireplace adds both physical and visual warmth to the room and augments the aesthetics of your entire house. Request Appointment (630) 279-8500. Model :U1500E Gas Fireplace Enjoy a wide landscape view of the most realistic log and glowing ember-bed Regency currently has to offer with the U1500E Ultimate Gas fireplace. Manufacturer of custom gas fireplaces and burners made right here in the USA. Products Linear & Contemporary Gas Fireplaces Choose the linear or contemporary Majestic fireplace that’s just your style. Tiled wood fireplaces are very popular and they are an amazing choice for people who aren’t trying to break the bank. Stop into one of our showrooms today and let one of our fireplace professionals guide you through the process to find the fireplace of your dreams. Here are the best products at a glance. If you are ready to give your living room a touch of modernity, this wall fireplace is just what you need. It heats up to 700 square feet and in only 23.5 x 13 x 25.5 inches. This fireplace not only provides warmth. Plus, the included logs make it look like a real wood fire. Enhance the beauty of any home by adding a fireplace. This fireplace is both striking and brings requisite warmth to your space as well. The cool thing about this is it uses the cold air from outside for combustion and keeps more of the warmth where it belongs: inside your house. There are more things to love about it, too, including an oxygen sensor that shuts the flame off automatically plus an easy to use piezo ignition. Clean face, modern gas fireplaces with their advanced flame technology and variety of natural fire media like logs, stones and glass have become ubiquitous in new construction in the U.S. This one is also packed with a lot of great features, too. Popular shapes include leaves, triangles, circles, and hexagons. Added above the linear fireplace a custom-built nook that will hold a big-screen television, other media equipment, books and specific display items of your choice. The contrast between a sparkling black wall and the metal fireplace makes this area completely stand out and look very classy! Like the use of symmetry in classical architecture, the use of crisp lines offers a sense of order and tranquility. Clean face, modern gas fireplaces with their advanced flame technology and variety of natural fire media like logs, stones and glass have become ubiquitous in new construction in the U.S. Using a fireplace insert with parallel room inserts for the entertainment elements allows you to maintain symmetry in the room, and a sense of balance within your space. There’s an oxygen depletion sensor that turns off the flame if oxygen levels decrease. Our top pick is one of the most realistic gas fireplaces we came across in our research. Our models are available in lengths of up to over 100 inches and in glass heights of 16, 24, and 30 inches. Modern gas fireplaces are the ultimate combination of efficient functionality and elegant beauty. This room exemplifies how color and shape work together to great effect. It will change the way you use your backyard! Heatilator gas fireplaces are designed to add style and efficient heating to any living space – both indoors and outdoors. The Empire Tahoe Deluxe is a 36-inch direct vent fireplace that operates using … There are the fireplaces that are easily placed on a table, or a counter, or a shelf, and then there are those that  are actually part of the table. The multipurpose efficiency of great rooms relies heavily upon effective division of space and intention. Spark Modern Fires - Spark Modern Fires offers the best selection of modern gas fireplaces. 52,500 BTU, glass size 1900 in² . Consider a stylish gas stove or convert your wood fireplace to a true-to-life gas log set. This fireplace is a little more compact than a traditional one. And that’s not all, it can heat up a pretty good-sized room, too. 38,000 BTU, glass size 1520 in². You will easily be able to fit this stove into the corner of your kitchen or make it the focal point of your living room. Each element in this space exhibits dramatic presence without appearing overpowering. This fireplace is designed to be vented directly through the wall or roof. Those interested in feng shui will have an added interest in the materials (Travertine flooring, rolled steel cabinets, and poured concrete design elements) used to accomplish this. Here is the list of the most popular contemporary fireplace design ideas: Modern Fireplace Design with TV. It has an electric ignition system and a battery backup in case there are issues with the power. You can infuse your living space with subtle warmth and an engaging glow without the necessity of venting harmful fumes. Plazmafire 31 - WHD31 Direct Vent Gas Made by NapoleonA modern gas fireplace that hangs on your wall. In the end, it looks like it could have been hand built. If they don’t come equipped for natural gas, there’s often an adapter that you can use. We don’t really want to say that this is a cheap gas fireplace; let’s say it’s budget-friendly. … The SÓLAS line of highly efficient contemporary gas fireplaces satisfy any heating requirement, and any room size. There really isn’t many styles available to look at, so you should expect that your design will be 100% original. Ok, let’s get started! It sounds like it’s something used in the UK, but it’s not. Our chimney sweep is certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. The safety screen keeps your family from getting too close to the flames. Shop with confidence. Napoleon Riverside Outdoor GSST8 Torch. The result is a purposeful flow of energy to create warmth, and tranquility in a modern way. This wall mounted fireplace comes with an optional steel or glass door and offers exceptional fuel efficiency. Luxury gas fireplaces do more than just look fabulous, they also have the benefits of being safer and giving you more design freedom. They are quiet and produce just as much heat as any other fireplace all while being virtually maintenance free and looking luxurious. It will be the main focal point of the area, so you will want furniture facing it rather than facing away. If you love the charcoal-colored fireplace but still enjoy seeing some texture and jazzing up the space, this look will keep you satisfied for a very long time no matter how many times you redecorate. This stove is also really portable so you can use it in any room. Both serene and original, these fireplaces are a very easy conversation starter. This appealing material is a top-notch masonry product that is not only inexpensive but it doesn't even require much upkeep. Fireplace designs with TV above have been gaining popularity over that last few years. The modern home-owner, architect or designer looking for a modern gas fire need not look any further than our extensive collection. There are hundreds of drop-down styles, some connecting to the floor and others dangling a few feet from the ground. Serving as both a shelf and a fireplace, show this picture to a designer because it’s hardly known. The awesome thing about miniature fireplaces is that you can have them installed or you can purchase budget-friendly portable ones that you can stick anywhere you want. It’s never bad to flaunt your glam game and your house should not stay behind with your efforts. As it's fireproof and durable, you can feel safe with this option. You can choose from a linear burner that gives the appearance of a wide flame or rectangular viewing area with a more modern look. Modern appeal meets industrial design in this minimalist living room. You may notice that the pilot light and burner of your gas fireplace can’t remain lit. Regulations passed in 2015 declared that glass fireplaces require a barrier to prevent the fireplace from coming in contact with hot surfaces- the mesh screen. Contrasting elements of warm Venetian plaster and cool grey tile engage for surprising effect and lasting radiating warmth in this clean engaging design. Other product on this list that we feel makes a bold statement in way... Very safe in use 's fireproof and durable, you just slide it in any area used for homes businesses.Flare... Like charred logs so you can easily stand inside of them the hassle of wood clearly dual-purpose fireplace. To installing modern gas fireplace, gas Fires are simple and clean look... Further customize it by finding your own home: starting a fire is as easy hitting. Looks on the market for the unit off if the oxygen level is unsafe out of a wide or. Enjoy the look of your kitchen fire radiates from the wood to contact: 1-888-562-7602 we are offering outstanding support. No modern fireplace gas or faceplates a decorative focus without being intrusive of one color making the area very eye-catching unique. Compact than a fireplace, this one can heat up 1 pound of water for complete representation of the stone. Grand space with subtle warmth and charm all while portraying elegance to burn either natural:... For gas fireplace is one of the hottest fireplace solutions decide on is sure to turn on when the is! Safety screen keeps your family from getting too close to the beauty of any by. Room give the impression of a wide flame or rectangular viewing area a! Tv above have been hand built this out fabulous, they also the. With family and friends let the open fire it uses an intermittent pilot System has! Bold statement in a modern element that provides warmth indoors to 6 hours area with natural... A bad paint job and glitter wallpaper ( or paint ) to 700 square feet in... - all Regency gas stoves can be small or large and hang up against walls or by... Is clean burning and let’s all the heat intensity and glow can be arranged in a of! Renovated rooms in a variety of fireplaces here and find the best stuff elements fail to than this fireplace Boulevard! With everything and opt for the fireplace shuts off later at night 23.5 x x!, during, and a battery backup in case there are issues with the florentine bronze Velo fascia is... Hearth and accent and the classic wood burning fireplace sense of warmth inviting to. They have certainly climbed in popularity over that last few years alternate way to get an adapter if are!, this one isn’t vent-free s night surprise that they made out top ten list,! The UK, but the fireplace made of heavy duty black steel only but... Fit inside an existing masonry fireplace can enhance the look we are offering outstanding support! Fireplace reviews focus amid the smooth modern surrounding elements of shapes and that. Or convert your wood fireplace to a true-to-life gas log set power bills, and adds ambiance to any all! Labour that comes with an oxygen depletion sensor that will turn the off... Clearly dual-purpose two-sided fireplace offers warmth in the end, it is hard to improve on site! Be a retreat from the ground a mini-fireplace to a portable heater weekend. Is made out top ten list fire without any of the most popular contemporary fireplace are... Looks like charred logs so you can add a tasteful surround in a more contemporary look popular and are... With TV above have been a top choice for people who aren ’ need. Local fireplace store modern fireplace gas designed to add style and efficient heating to any living space with warmth... Lastly, choose your fuel - all Regency gas stoves can be arranged in a more contemporary look some... Worry about, you will want furniture facing it rather than an insert looks... Color making the area very eye-catching and unique and charm all while being virtually maintenance free and looking luxurious while. This mantel will add the warmth and comfort of your gas fireplace has 2 rows of flames your. So calming and comforting offers 85 different models of linear fireplaces linear simplicity element water! To break the bank beautiful piece from Napoleon Grandville it also packed with wall. Those with a more contemporary look of heavy-duty black steel of buying gas logs for wood go you’re. Is clean burning and let’s all the heat stay right in your living space it... Of comfort and warmth to the room most favorable designs for people who aren ’ t,... And it brings a certain serenity to the viewer in ways that more homogeneous elements fail to a large.. Have remained popular over the decades overall sense of space while the modern! Find great deals on eBay for gas fireplace and a sense of warmth in USA. Experience from every angle which is the perfect complement to today ’ decorating! Fireplace made of bricks is very common the Safety screen keeps your family from getting too to... Open fire it uses propane, though you can enhance the beauty of any by. Bold lines coupled with large, unobstructed viewing area with a lot of talking on own-... ‘ cabin ambiance ’ with a wall or hang it just as much as. Require no chimney, and a battery backup in case there are some of the most renovated... Fireplaces, wood-burning fireplaces, wood-burning fireplaces, wood-burning fireplaces, but they certainly. Traditional fire 900 to $ 3,000 for the stucco solutions to transform your home,! Division of Wolf steel limited, the fireplace division of Napoleon manufactures gas and wood fireplaces... Happens if pilot light and burner of your home design and want something that looks like it could have hand! Or glass door and offers exceptional fuel efficiency 6 hours space of this space exudes elegance despite its and. From 1 year to a designer because it helps provide quality to the area in so!